Friday, September 11, 2009

91% of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Benefit From Diet Without Gluten, Casein, Soy

The Autism Research Institute has shown that a GFCF diet helps 66% of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), including autism, asperger’s and ADHD. When you also eliminate Soy Protein, the percentage raised to 91%.

Dr. Harumi Jyonouchi of the Department of Pediatrics, New Jersey Medical School in Newark, NJ, has shown that 91% of children with ASD who were put on a strict Gluten Free, Casein Free, and Soy Free diet improved. Jyonouchi’s papers say that ASD children have an atypical immune response to the dietary proteins found in gluten, casein and soy. This peer-reviewed research merely backs up what parents have been saying for more than 10 years.

The Defeat Autism Now! nutrition approach recommends that children with ASD undergo a thorough nutrition assessment with a licensed nutrition professional (Registered Dietitian) before beginning any special diet. Defeat Autism Now! Dietitians are finding that even the best attempts at special diets are often derailed by intestinal dysbiosis (bacterial and/or fungal overgrowth) and severe nutrient deficiencies that result from such intestinal chaos. Defeat Autism Now! clinicians report a large percentage of those with ASD and ADHD have an intestinal overgrowth of Candida or other pathogens.

Many parents are tempted to try special diets and supplementation on their own and often find the results to be disappointing. Judy Converse MPH, RD, a prominent Defeat Autism Now! speaker and dietitian uses a very telling analogy in her most recent book. She compares intestinal dysbiosis to a garden. A gardener pulls the weeds in the garden before fertilizing because the vitamins and nutrients would aid the growth of weeds as well as the flowers. The same is true in children with ASD and ADHD. If we supplement with valuable nutrients before taking care of dysbiosis, we are feeding the Candida or other pathogens. Those pathogens then continue to rob the body of nutrition and produce their toxic byproducts, which poison our bodies in many ways. These poisonous byproducts contribute to the many behavioral, social and physical issues children with ASD face.

If you are considering a special diet for your child or are concerned that your child is not growing according to standard growth charts, please consider seeking guidance from a licensed nutrition professional. At the Wellness Philosophy, Registered Dietitian and Defeat Autism Now! clinician Staci Small will perform a detailed nutrition assessment of your child and guide you through the necessary testing and special diet options that are most appropriate for your child’s situation.

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